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Please refer to the guidelines for preparing and submitting a proposal, which can be found

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October 22-23, 2023

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Knowledge Worker

Productivity has been challenging to measure for knowledge workers,


Driving Sustainable

How do you get workers to change behavior and make it sustainable? How can you optimize the use of the hardware,


Factors Technology

The term technology is not limited to current computing devices but includes software, furniture,



The Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC) is a consortium of companies who work together to advance ergonomic research in the design and management of knowledge work places, systems, processes, and products. Please refer to the membership page for more information about becoming an OERC member.

What we offer

Benefit from our extensive research in office ergonomics, providing actionable insights to optimize work environments, processes, and products.
Research Opportunities
Engage in shaping the future of office ergonomics by submitting and participating in research proposals that address critical knowledge worker challenges.
Collaborative Network
Join a consortium of companies driven by a shared commitment to advancing ergonomic practices, allowing you to connect, learn, and collaborate.
Membership Benefits
Access a range of exclusive resources, reports, and updates that keep you informed about the latest ergonomic trends, enhancing your knowledge and decision-making.


Proposals will be evaluated in two stages. Initial reviews and scores will be completed, then finalists will be selected for further review and presentation (early October 2022). All researchers will be notified as to the status of their proposal mid- September 2022.

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OERC members represent a diverse group of organizations with a common interest in complex human-machine systems, commonly referred to as office ergonomics. Please refer to the membership page to see a list of current members


OERC’s research-driven insights have transformed the way we approach our workspace. With their guidance, we’ve optimized our office setup,

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