Active Research

Active Research

This page details the status of all currently active research projects funded by OERC

The Budget link shows the project budget, milestones for payments, payment dates, amount remaining primary researcher. The Research Project Titles; Status report presentations and reports received from the researcher.

Funded research for 2023

Context-Aware Sit-Stand Intervention for Promoting Healthy Behaviors in Knowledge Workers: Dr. Sol Lim, Virginia Tech; Sang Won Lee, Virginia Tech:$27,500

Funded research for 2022

“Ergonomics from Home”: Are Work-From-Home Employees ready?; Jia-Hua Lin, Stephen Bao, Jin Lin $28,000. Data collection and analysis completed. 2023-01 OERC progress report (Lee) (002)

“Working from the Home Environment & Well-Being” K. Beshay and K. Jacobs $25,000. OERC Final Presentation Beshay & Jacobs 2-9-23

Funded research for 2021

Evaluating changing environmental, psychological, and organizational characteristics of working from home and their impact on work and health outcomes of employees.

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS), UQ and Princess Alexandra Hospital          . The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia; Dr Charlotte Brakenridge, Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Health Behavior Researcher, RECOVER Injury Research Centre, UQ; A/Prof Venerina Johnston, Researcher and Occupational Health Physiotherapist, RECOVER Injury Research Centre, UQ; A/Prof Asad Khan, Health Researcher and Statistician, SHRS, UQ; Dr Kirsten Way, Senior Lecturer and Organizational Psychologist and Certified Professional Ergonomist, Centre for Business and Organizational Psychology, UQ; A/Prof Genevieve Healy, NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Public Health Researcher, School of Public Health, UQ; Haroun Zerguine, PhD student and Occupational Health and Safety Officer, SHRS, UQ; Dr Mehwish Nisar, PhD student, SHRS, UQ.

Ultrawide displays: Influence of display size and multifocal lenses on user biomechanics and preferred display positions:

aitlin M. Gallagher, PhD University of Arkansas;  Anita Vasavada, PhD Washington State University

2020 Funding Research Topics

  1. Three funded research projects ($85,986)
  2. Jack Dennerlein: The effects of the head mounted displays and their inertia on cervical spine loading. $35,579 . Publication: Dennerlein & Astrologic HMD and cerivical loading
  3. Heejin Jeong: Effects of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant in a Noisy Environment on Office Workers’ Physical and Cognitive Loads. $25,407. Completed. Manuscripts. Heejin Jeong et al. (2023) virtual intelligence in noisy work environment
  4. Chambers: Developing worker-centric recommendations for sit/stand duration: Determining the feasibility of using weight shifts as a marker of discomfort. $25,000.  Final presentation & report: OERC Chambers Baker Final Report 2023Chambers Baker OERC 2.14.22 Presentation

2018-2019 Funded research projects 2018:

Carisa Harris-Adamson; UCB/UCSF “The impact of a personal monitoring device with smart-cueing on progressive postural variation, sedentary time and associated health outcomes.” Closed 1/21. Publications:

Jaejin Hwang , Northern Illinois, “Evaluation of Biomechanical Exposures in the Neck and Upper Extremities during Augmented Reality Interactions.” Completed: Manuscripts under review 12/19. Project Closed 1/22

  1. Journal article: – Kim, J. H., Ari, H., Madasu, C., and Hwang, J., “Evaluation of Biomechanical Stress in Neck and Shoulder during Augmented Reality Interactions,” Applied Ergonomics (Under Review)
  2. Conferences: “The Effect of Hologram Distance/Size on Shoulder Stress during Augmented Reality Interactions,” 2020 International Society of Occupational Ergonomics and Safety, June 25-26. 2020 (Under Review).
  • – Planning to submit a proceeding paper to HFES 2020.
  • Justin Young, Kettering University, “Effect of control-display transfer function on pointing performance for a hand/finger based touchless gestural controls: a preliminary investigation.” update at HFES Extended to 12/19
    1. HF journal article: behavior for gesture workspaces showing results in a visual medium; creating postural heat maps and overlaying them on the subject workspace. I can send some new figures when they are done.  Two HFES conference proceedings (2019), Optimizing free-hand pointing transfer functions
  • Adam Piper, South Dakota University, “Using Wearable IMUs to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk While Using Hands-free Computing Technology.” update at HFES Extended to 12/20. Presentation 2/24/21
  • Nancy Black: University of Moncton, “Effect of varying sit/stand ratios in office work” Status: final data analysis phase and preliminary results 1/31/2019
    1. Varying regular standing duration changes musculoskeletal disorder-related perceived factors” Nancy Black, Mathieu Tremblay, Fandresena Ranaivosoa
    2. Submit abstract to Canadian Society of Biomechanics biennial conference (August 2020 – Montreal CANADA: relating to Heart-rate variability recorded over various durations standing. Canadian Society of Biomechanics| Montreal|;
  • journal publication – variations in postural deviations associated with varying duration sit-standing alternation – Applied Ergonomics; Black, Tremblay & several student co-authors
  1. Journal publication: results of Heart-rate variability and surface EMG when regularly alternating between sitting and standing – journal TBD; Authors : Tremblay, Black, Ranaivosoa
  2. IEA2021 (possible)- effect of exposure to regular postural changes on wellness indices (pre-post comparison details)



  • Charlotte Brakenridge/ Michelle Smith  “Identifying optimal sit-stand recommendations for the workforce”

Update: Recruiting participants and updated timeline with extension. October 2022-

March 2023

Added new Co-PI: Dr. Michelle Smith; Sent 2nd payment for participant  recruitment: 2/17/22

Dr. Jay Kim AR/VR

Carissa Harris Adamson: Monitoring

Adam Piper

Justin Young

Nancy Black

Christina Banks Productivity

G. Shin

Mark Benden


de Korte (productivity)

Dennerlein (Sit/stand)





Smith Jackson