OERC members bring a wealth of diverse interests and backgrounds to a collaborative effort of developing and expanding the ergonomics knowledge base related to the interaction between office technologies, information and communication technologies and the people who use them. OERC’s focus of interest is the ergonomics of this human-machine system.

OERC members seek to expand their understanding of the human-technology system in office settings through sponsored research, networking contacts with colleagues from peer organizations, private technical research conferences for OERC members, and unique opportunities for in-depth involvement with leading researchers.

Members include, but are not limited to, those interested in the implementation and management of ergonomic intervention programs for office employee populations, loss control, manufacturers of products such as personal computers, input devices, office furniture, ergonomics training, and suppliers of ergonomic software programs for computer users. Individual member representatives also have diverse backgrounds and include, but are not limited to, ergonomists, human factors professionals, psychologists, engineers, UX designers, occupational health and safety specialists, and physical/occupational therapists.

OERC members list these three major benefits and return on investment of participation in the group’s activities:

  • An opportunity to identify research gaps, to direct and fund research to fill those gaps, and to see the results in advance of general publication,
  • An opportunity to network with and to leverage the knowledge of peers at leading edge organizations, and
  • A unique opportunity to interact with leading researchers at OERC meetings and Marconi conferences.

Membership dues are currently $12,500 per year. The return on each member’s investment in dues and participation results from access to and utilization of this unique knowledge base regarding user-technology interaction, which includes more than 17 years of privately circulated research findings. Members are able to leverage this well founded and data driven knowledge base to make better decisions regarding products and programs.

Membership Brochure

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