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Marconi conference 2022: Serenbe Farms


Mini Marconi 2021, Virtual Meeting

Agenda Mini-Marconi 2021 oerc business meeting july 2021

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2020 Marconi at Pacifica, California


OERC Marconi 2020  Agenda February 3-5, 2020

2020 Marconi Conference proceeding:

Dr. Jack Callaghan, University of Waterloo, CRE-MSD, Canada: Well-being: Low Back Pain – standing and Hybrid Workstations February 2020_Callaghan.pdf?dl=0
Dr. Stephen Bao (co-author Dr. Jin Hua Lin), Washington State and Sharp, WA, USA Wellbeing: Blood Pressure Sit-Stand

Ergonomics, Wellness and Health_Bao

Dr. Carisa Harris-Adamson and Federico Arippa, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA Design and behaviors: Personal, task and organizational factors associated with work-based posture and movement among sedentary workers.

Harris et al Marconi presentation

Dr. Bernhard Schwartz, University of Vienna, Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria, Linz, Austria Examining the Influence of alternating working postures (sit/stand) on cognitive performance Schwartz 2020 slides 1-43 first half of presentation; Schwartz 2020 slides 1-51 first set

Dr. Jay Kim, Oregon State University AR/VR Biomechanical Exposures in the Neck and Upper Extremities during Augmented Reality Interactions
Dr. Dan Odell, HF Design, Google, CA, USA AR/VR: Visual and Comfort Findings with HMDs

2020 weighted headgear comfort time dan odell

  • Ms. Arlie Stern, Ergonomics Program, Pixar Wellbeing: (Interview of her experiences)
  •  Mr. Guangchuan Li, UC Berkeley (co-author Dr. Yue Liu), BIT AR/VR: ISO Standards in China

ARVR ISO Standards in China-Yue Liu-new-Marconi

  • Dr. David Rempel, UCSF. Design of non-contacting hand gestures

2018 Marconi at the Athenaeum Hotel, Chautauqua N.Y.

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2014 Marconi Conference Proceedings

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2012 Marconi Conference Proceeding

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2009 Marconi

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